Day 59: Post Summer Plans

Unlike my peers in this class I will not be graduating this year. I am a junior this year so after summer I will be beginning my senior year of college. I can’t believe I’m already approaching my last year of college! It really has flown by and I will be so sad to see […]

Day 58: Summertime!!!

Let me start out by saying that I LOVE summer! It’s so nice allowing my brain take a rest from the stresses of class, homework, and *gasp* learning. Don’t get me wrong I love learning but it is nice to take a break and allow my brain to melt a little bit and just have […]

Day 57: More Learning

Wow we covered so much this term its hard to think of what we didn’t cover! When I wrack my brain I guess I just wish I had been in the class where you discussed hospitality because that is my emphasis and would have been useful to my future job search. On top of this […]

Day 56: My Grade

I hate self grading because I want to give myself a good grade obviously, but I also don’t want to grade myself too high and look like a jerk but here goes nothing! Attendance (25%): I was always on time to class and I only have missed one class in all 10 weeks. The class […]

Day 55: This Class

Wow holy crap, I can’t believe that we are at week 10! This term and this class have flown by! I have enjoyed this class so much. It was really enjoyable and beneficial for me because it was so different from all of my other classes. It felt more hands on, and it allowed each […]

Day 54: Standout Class

This topic is going to be a bit hard for me to speak to because I wasn’t in class this week. So I guess I will talk about the things that stood out to me this weekend when I was home in Sacramento. The reason I was so rude and missed our second to last […]

Day 53: More Specialization

I know that there are a lot of people in the class so you can’t cater the class to everyone but I was hoping you could direct me in the right direction so that I can teach myself. I am a hospitality major and I am particularly interested in the food and beverage industry. I […]

Day 52: JCFPA Social Media

Setting up social media for a company does not have to be tricky, you just have to understand the nuances of each platform and how to utilize them successfully. I think Facebook is vastly different from both Twitter and Instagram because you can post as much as you want. You can write a novel, and […]

Day 51: Britt Music Festival

Facebook: 16,855 people like the page 27,296 people have been here 4.6 out of 5 stars from 1,086 reviews Create Events It doesn’t look like they are boosting their posts because they don’t have many likes on their posts. Better content than the other two platforms Twitter: 2,522 followers 1,440 tweets Post frequently Lots of […]

Day 50: Online Reputation Management

I don’t know much about online reputation management, but I do know that it is a way to control what people see when they Google your name or company. It is used to try and help control your message so that you can stay consistent, and positive in your brand image. This can be difficult […]